Authoritative certification, Safety and assurance

  • High precision, having China’s CFDA certification
  • After clinical test by top-level hospital, it proves highly stable, resistant to interference, safe and effective.
  • It is a medical grade product recommended for use by doctors of cardiology and neurology.
Hello, what can I do for you?

Your family doctor of heart

  • 1、Initial disease screening
  • 2、Spot abnormalities as reference to medical consultation
  • 3、Online guidance by renowned doctors
  • 4、Help track condition and effect of drug administration

Easy and portable, one touch to monitor

It is easy to use, for the innovated lead-wire-free design can relieve you of the trouble of putting off clothes. Put fingers upon the device, and you can start ECG monitoring, and immediately spot any abnormal signal. Our elaborate development is intended to make your ECG monitor easier.
Method I
Press the thumbs of your hands upon the frontal circular electrode, with a moderate degree of force, but not too tightly.
At the same time, press the forefingers of your hands naturally onto the backside elongated electrode.
Method II
The two circular electrodes in the front are left idling, not in contact with any part of your body.
Press the forefingers of your hands onto the small backside electrode plate, and the middle or ring fingers onto the elongated electrode.

One-touch operation makes it easy for your parents to use cloud sync with test results

to share them with friends and relatives. Doctors are always ready for online guidance.

One-touch operation makes it easy for your parents to use

Download SnapECG app, register and log in.
Open your smart phone, and connect Bluetooth
Monitor and send ECG to doctors
Doctors read ECG online

Renowned doctors from top-level hospital to provide dedicated guidance

Fast graph reading service is available in 24 hours. Risk alarming reminds you of consulting a doctor.

Renowned doctors from top-level hospital will be in China Cardiovascular Health League hotline platform and answering your questions about ECG; they will also provide person-to-person online consultancies and remind you of getting medical treatment. No queuing! No registering! Just bring home a renowned doctor! In case of any abnormal ECG data being monitored, we will positively contact you first and remind you of getting medical treatment. In that case, we will give you the most scientific suggestion, making you in the better knowledge of your heart health condition.

First choice gift cares more about “heart”.

Family device, civilian price

An ordinary family can afford to buy it and use its dedicated service.
It applies to individuals and families. One person buys it, and every member of the family can share.
It is a family routine monitor device in addition to sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter.

It reassures your parents and of course, makes daughters and sons feel more at ease.

Miles apart from your parents, you tend to care about their health condition. Palm ECG app has a Wechat share function that enables you to know the real-time measurement of their ECG status. In case of any abnormalities, you can remind them to get treatment immediately. You can be “zero miles” away from your parents every day.

SnapECG Card-type ECG Recorder

A portable electrocardiograph device and service that is affordable, acceptable to everyone

Length, width and height/mm:79mm(L)×56mm(W)×6.5mm(H)
Medical precision
Lead: Single lead
Measurement time:30s
Working humidity:10%~95%RH
Working temperature:+10℃~+45℃
Relevant qualifications
and certifications
Medical device manufacturer’s manufacturing license number: Shu Shi Yao Jian Manufacturing License No. 2014002
Medical device production register number: Shu Shi Yao Jian (permit) No.2211254 of 2014
China CFDA certification, ISO 13485 system certification information
Medical precision
Sensitivity (gain):5mm/mV(X0.5)、10mm/mV(X1)、20mm/mV(X2)、Error range±10%
Scanning speed:12.5/25/50mm/s(Error range±10%)
Precision:±1bpm/±1%,Whichever is bigger
Memory size
Mass cloud storage
Automatic recording
Automatic recording of measurements, ECG storage and playback
Product configuration
SnapECG Card-type ECG Recorder
Product instruction manual
Warranty card