Your family doctor of heart

As a family medical grade ECG device, this SnapECG recorder needs only to connect a smart phone to gather ECG data at any time, turning complicated ECG data into a health report that is easy to read. It enables everyone to easily understand their “heart”.

  • Initial disease screening
  • Online guidance by renowned doctors
  • Spot abnormalities as reference to medical consultation
  • Help track condition and effect of drug administration

Our elaborate development is only intended for your easier ECG measurement.

Small in appearance, no need for charging

This SnapECG recorder is a patch type made of medical grade ABS material. It is small in appearance but extraordinary in quality. It connects a mobile phone through USB cable. It features plug and play, without need for charging. It can enable you to finish ECG detection at any time and in any place. It stresses privacy and easier use.

One-touch operation makes it easy for your parents to use

Smart and easy, easy to operate

Download SnapECG app, register and log in.
Open your smart phone, and connect Bluetooth
Monitor and send ECG to doctors
Doctors read ECG online

Strong practicability: Super high sensitivity to drastically increase the accuracy of ECG measurement

According to Circulation2015 research data, Using portable ECG device can increase detection rate of arrhythmia by 2 to 3 times, and of atrial fibrillation (initial screening), by 4 times. It provides 7×24 hour risk alarm, to monitor the condition immediately and to remind you of getting treatment.

Efficient precision: Make medical grade accuracy

SnapECG recorder was given National Register of Medical Device and CE Medical Device Certification (EU) in 2014. As a medical grade ECG monitor device recommended by China Cardiovascular Health League, it has undergone clinical test by Grade III, Class A hospitals and proves highly stable, resistant to interference, safe and effective.

China CFDA registration
CE certification by EU

First choice gift cares more about “heart”.

Family device, civilian price

An ordinary family can afford to buy it and use its dedicated service.
It applies to individuals and families. One person buys it, and every member of the family can share.
It is a family routine monitor device in addition to sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter.

Direct-type ECG Recorder

A portable electrocardiograph device and service that is affordable, acceptable to everyone

Length, width and height/mm:40mm(L)×40mm(W)×5mm(H)
Medical precision
Lead: Single lead
Measurement time:30s
Working humidity:10%~95%RH
Working temperature:+10℃~+45℃
Relevant qualifications
and certifications
Medical device manufacturer’s manufacturing license number: Shu Shi Yao Jian Manufacturing License No. 2014002
Medical device production register number: Shu Shi Yao Jian (permit) No.2211254 of 2014
China CFDA certification, ISO 13485 system certification information
Medical precision
Sensitivity (gain):5mm/mV(X0.5)、10mm/mV(X1)、20mm/mV(X2)、Error range±10%
Scanning speed:12.5/25/50mm/s(Error range±10%)
Precision:±1bpm/±1%,Whichever is bigger
Memory size
Mass cloud storage
Automatic recording
Automatic recording of measurements, ECG storage and playback
Product configuration
SnapECG Direct-type ECG Recorder
Product instruction manual
Warranty card